Digitization of old postcards of the city of Niš

Dipl. ing. Aleksandra Adžić, Graduated Library Advisor

Head of the Department for maintenance and development of information system and digital processes in the Stevan Sremac Public Library Nis, Serbia.

Bio: As the Head of the Department for maintenance and development of information system and digital processes, since 2003 I have been actively implementing and developing automation processes in librarianship, designing, maintaining and improving the information system and digital library of the Nis Public Library. I participated in the software development of the library and information system NIBIS. I am the author of courses related to the information literacy of employees, then the monographic publication “NIBIS: with practical examples of bibliographic processing” (2010), several electronic publications, a large number of professional papers presented at national and international professional meetings, as well as professional papers, articles and contributions published in domestic and foreign professional periodicals, as well as electronic exhibitions, official websites of the Niš Library (2003-2016) and multimedia presentations. I am the technical editor of several monographic publications, the editor-in-chief of the Journal Bibliozona (2010).

Title: Digitization of Old Postcards of the City of Niš

The digitization of old postcards of the City of Niš has great cultural and historical significance because it allows us to look into the past of this city and see its development over time. This initiative not only preserves these valuable visual documents from being forgotten, but also enables the general public to access valuable information about the urban, social and cultural development of Niš. This paper presents the processes of digitization of old postcards of the City of Niš, which are located in the Department of Native and Special Funds of the National Library “Stevan Sremac”. The collection of this very interesting visual material, which is under the roof of the Library, is described and the importance of its preservation and protection is indicated. The digitization of old postcards represents a significant step in preserving the cultural heritage of cities, and Niš, one of the oldest cities in the Balkans, is no exception. Postcards, as visual records of past times, provide an insight into the history, architecture and social life of the city. The process of digitizing these artifacts not only preserves their physical form from decay, but also allows a wider audience to access this precious material.